Hyundai Genesis Can’t Snatch Spotlight From BMW

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The Hyundai Genesis was introduced to Britain as a BMW and Mercedes competitor. The Genesis was supposed to be the one that people will want to go for if they wanted something more luxurious but despite everything that the vehicle has to offer, it still could not compete with BMW in Britain.

While Hyundai did do a great job with the Genesis, most people just could not convince themselves that they should be getting a Hyundai instead of the popular BMW. In terms of image, BMW will always win.

After trying for years, Hyundai has finally decided to remove the Hyundai Genesis from the British market. They reported that since 2015, they only managed to sell 50 units of the Hyundai Genesis.

Hyundai also added that the vehicle was not made for the UK market and that it is not what the European market wants right now. Well, based on the sales number, we don’t think it will be missed.

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