Hyundai Dumps Toyota To Join Tesla

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People are still debating on whether fuel cell or electric is the better alternative to gasoline. Hyundai was previously on Toyota’s side as they announce they plan for more fuel cell powered models in the future but the automaker has now announced that they will be shifting their focus to Electric models.

Looking at how well some of the electric vehicles is doing now, it does not surprise us that Hyundai would want to make the switch. Their Ioniq has been very well received but it is clear that Hyundai will need to do more if they want to take down electric vehicles like the Tesla Models. Compared to Tesla, the Hyundai Ioniq clearly lacked the range.

Hyundai also added that their current plan is to have eight electric vehicles and two fuel cell by 2020. That is 6 more electric powered vehicles. Their original plan only had space for 2 electric powered vehicles.

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