Hydrogen-Powered Toyota SUV Will Need To Solve One Major Issue First

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While most automakers are choosing to focus on electric engines, it looks like Toyota is also looking into the option of offering more hydrogen fuel cell vehicle but before they start to do that, they might want to look into their refuelling network first.

According to Toyota, they will be investing more in the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The goal will be to design a lower cost option for the mass. Toyota is hoping that the engines will be upgraded enough to offer about 435 to 466 miles when fitted on the Mirai which is a huge jump from what the vehicle is offering right now.

Toyota is also working to speed up the assembly process of their hydrogen-powered Mirai. Currently, the Mirai is being assembled by hand which yields about 6.5 units a day. Toyota is hoping that the upgrade could improve that as well.

As nice as it sounds, some people are saying that it won’t matter if the Mirai or Hydrogen powered engine is good when Toyota does not have enough refuelling station all over the country to ensure that the drivers won’t get stranded.

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