Hydrogen One: Should You Get One Now?

After being around for one year, the Hydrogen One will now be offered with a discounted price but the question now is should you get one?

The device was originally sold for $1295 which is pretty pricey for a device that is still testing the waters. Now after a year, the device will retail for $645 which is half its original price but many people are saying that it is still too much for what the smartphone actually has to offer.

With the company still struggling to keep up with its promise of offering an add-on camera module which was one of the selling points of the smartphones and talks about them working on a new smartphone. THe consumers just could not find any reason why they should get the smartphone espeically when you can own a new iPhone 11 by paying an additional $54 now.

Besides the standard version, the company is also slashing the price of the Titanium version down to $895.