Hunt: Showdown Can’t Escape Battle Royale?

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It does seem like every game that has an online multiplayer mode will be expected to offer a battle royale mode now and while we do think that it is a fun mode, we certainly do not think that every game needs one.

The question was posted to the developer of upcoming game Hunt: Showdown and Crytek made it clear that the game will not be getting any battle royale mode when it is released but later added that the game is also flexible which means anything could happen in the future.

Even if the game does get a Battle Royale mode in the future, Crytek added that the mode will not be like any other as they think their game is pretty unique on its own and that even new mode will be unlike all the others out there.

However, that is in the far future, for now, Crytek has a lot planned for new content for the game and the Battle Royale mode will not be their priority for now.

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