Huawei Marks Nintendo Switch As Competitor?

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Nintendo surprised us all with their new Nintendo Switch console and with it being so successful, it will only a matter of time before they get some new rivals.

Huawei took the covers off their new smartphone this week. The Mate 20 X will be coming in as the best portable mobile gaming machine according to Huawei. Sporting a 7.2inch display, the device will not only have a power spec but Huawei will also be offering a gamepad add-on that will turn the smartphone into a Switch-like device.

According to Huawei, the smartphone display is larger than the Switch. Besides getting fitted with a huge battery pack, it will also come with a vapor chamber and graphene film that is made to keep the chips working at a lower temperature.

The smartphone will be sold for about $1040. Do you think what they have to offer is enough to beat Nintendo or do you think Nintendo has nothing to worry about?

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