Huawei FaceID Will Make Apple’s Face ID Look Dated

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Apple manages to impress everybody when they announce that they new iPhone X will come with a TrueDepth technology upping Samsung and their Iris scanner might they might want to enjoy the attention while they can because Huawei is catching up, fast.

Huawei announced last week that they are also working on a depth-sensing camera system, they added that their upcoming system can capture 300,000 points in seconds. Compare that to the 30,000 invisible dots that Apple is using to track your face and the TrueDepth technology suddenly feels dated.

According to Huawei, the system will be able to track when users stick out their tongue. As nice as that sounds, we don’t actually know when the tech will be ready. We are sure that they would want it out and ready as soon as they can but this thing can take longer than expected.

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