Pokemon Z Meets Star Wars Trainers? The Force Awakens In This Clever Concept

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We’ve been waiting for Pokemon Z longer than we have for the recently released Star Wars movie. So when we saw this clever art concept we had to highlight it to the Pokemon community.

Artist Chris Perez has created these clever drawings of Star Wars characters with their matching Pokemon counterparts. While this isn’t as exciting as news of the Pokemon Z release date, when you see these images you will be impressed.

We can only imagine how it would be like if Pokemon Z would allow Star Wars trainers into the mix! Of course Pokemon isn’t part of the Disney train so it wouldn’t happen but we can dream right!

In addition to the clever combos Chris came out with, Redditors have suggested some other ideas the would like to see. These include:

Poe = Pidgeot / Skarmory / Voltorb (As BB-8)

Finn = Scrafty / Some ‘honorable fighter / protector’ type

Kylo Ren = Umbreon and Espeon

What do you think? Which Star Wars character would match with which Pokemon? With that said, are you excited for Pokemon Z?

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