HTC Vive Proves That VR Can Actually Beat The Gym

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One man has proven that playing the HTC Vive can help you lose weight and it certainly beats going to the gym. Head of creative communications at Tell-tale, Job Stauffer, lost 50 pounds simply by punching music.

Stauffer took to Twitter to announce that he had lost the 50lbs in 5 months of playing the HTC Vive. This of course got VR companies very excited as there must be a marketing angle in all of this.

Stauffer also said that along with playing the HTC Vive he had been limiting the amount of calories he ate along with drinking plenty of water. He played Soundboxing, the HTC Vive game where you load a YouTube video and then hit coloured orbs trying to keep to the beat of the music. Some of the orbs are placed high and others low. He said that this was a genuine workout.

The HTC Vive has a price tag of $800 and you also need to pay for a PC if you don’t already own a powerful one. Stauffer said that he is continuing to play the game and he plays it for around one and a half hours.

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