HTC Vive New Announcement Will Make You Avoid Viveport

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It is not like people likes using Viveport now and if you need one more reason to not use HTC’s storefront, well, HTC has just given it to you.

According to HTC, there will be launching a new in-game advertising program for games that are hosted on Viveport. While that might sound like a frustrating add-on, the fact is that most of the Vive users do not use Viveport so most of them will not even care.

In case you do not know this, Viveport is not really needed with Vive, players often uses Steam to open a VR game so the Viviport is not really needed. It is odd that HTC would choose to chase their fans even further away instead of coming out with features to convince their users to use the Viveport.

If you are using Viveport, the good news is that just because the feature is there does not mean you will have to see it. The VR Ad service is an opt-in program which means the developer can choose to have ads or not have them.

Another thing to note is that the service is only offered in China for now.

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  1. Thomas Angelo

    March 31, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    If the ads are good and not a constant source of interruption, I assure you users won’t avoid viveport. Advertising in the new world of VR is probably going to lead to the best advertising we’ve ever seen — not in terms of Super Bowl commercial glitz and production value, but actual engaging ads that really pull consumers into an “advertising experience.” McDonalds is figuring this out. Post did a brilliant VR ad campaign with VirtualSKY. Disney and Ford have done innovative things too and it’s only going to get better from here. So if HTC nails this, it will be huge for them!