HTC U12 Follows Galaxy S9 Down The Leaky Path

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We know that Samsung has always been bad at keeping their device out of the public eye before it is time. So far, we have already heard and seen a lot of the Galaxy S9 but HTC managed to stay away until now.

New leaked images online showed what looked like a black colored U12. The leak suggests that it will be an all-screen front device with the display taking up most of the spaces in the front.

Based on what we can make out, it also looks like the headphone jack might not make a comeback despite the fans begging for it to return. Like the current model, the USB-C port could be the only option offered.

The one thing that seems to be missing from the leak is the fingerprint scanner. Of course, we don’t think HTC will be releasing the U12 without it. The sensor will most likely be fitted in the back to make way for the larger display. No word on when HTC plans to unveil it.

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