HTC U Ultra Copies iPhone 7, LG V20 Without Shame

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It seems the designers of the HTC U Ultra ran out of ideas for the handset so they had to copy those of LG and Apple and they did it with little shame.

The HTC U Ultra is totally different from anything that HTC has done in the past. What you will notice straight away is the fact that they have done away with the headphone jack and the price tag is a whopping $750, so they have gone the same way as the iPhone 7. They have also stolen the idea of a second ticker display right from the LG V20.

HTC phones used to come with the milled unibody frame of aluminium but this has disappeared and now they have taken on the glass and metal of Samsung. The hardware buttons are located under the display and the fingerprint sensor, which again gives off a Samsung like feel.

The headphone jack is gone and on the edges of the HTC U Ultra there is the SIM slot and USB Type-C port. The company seems to have stolen this idea from Apple. The display is 5.7 inches LCD and there is a second ticker display that comes right from the design of the LG V20. This display is 160 x 1040 just the same as on the V20.

So it looks like the HTC U Ultra is a mixture of the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy and LG V20 and it comes with a price tag of $750. It will be out in March but then the Samsung Galaxy S8 should be arriving a month or so later to compete with it.

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