Thunderbolt Drags HTC Name Deeper Into The Mud

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Gizmodo recently asked their readers which was the worst ever gadget that they had purchased. There were a lot of comments left and if you look through them you will find that the head honcho of Apple posted that the worst ever gadget that he had bought was the HTC Thunderbolt.

HTC Thunderbolt: Worst phone in history?

This was all he said and he did not leave any more information as to why he felt this way about the Thunderbolt from HTC. However owners of the Thunderbolt may be able to tell you. There are numerous problems with the device with LTE signals being bad, reboots being random and updates that fail. Then of course there is the matter of the poor battery life that you get with the stock battery on the phone.

So do you consider the Thunderbolt to be the worst ever gadget or do you own a gadget that is much worse?

This criticism of course couldn’t have come at a worst time. HTC is already in a downward spiral with even talks from Taiwan’s National bank to help the company out. Reports earlier this week pointed to a possibly price cut of the One series of phones, believed to be due to their poor sales figures for the company.


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