HTC Tease Heading Your Way On March 20

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HTC have launched their flagship handset recently and the subdivision in Taiwan has now posted an image on their Facebook page with the title of Spring Is Coming.

At the same time they have revealed that there is going to be an unexpected surprise heading your way on March 20.

At the moment they haven’t given away any clues as to what that surprise might be. It could be related to a new handset, but that doesn’t seem very likely as they have only just revealed the HTC U Ultra along with the U Play. Along with that they have revealed that they are leaving the low-end market.

In the teaser image they have used the colour green and some people have suggested that this could be a big hint about what is coming our way. The report has suggested that it may be the sapphire display that was previously revealed. It could be the 128GB version of the HTC U Ultra edition or it may be the green colour choice for other handsets.

HTC did use the word unexpected though so the above may not be likely. March 20 is just a few days away but what are your thoughts about the unexpected surprise?

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