Samsung Galaxy S3 Or HTC One X: Real World Test Has Surprising Verdict

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With the Samsung Galaxy S3 now officially in the hands of the general public in most parts of the world, we are beginning to see opinions from general consumers after they take what is arguably the most powerful smartphone in the world through a daily cycle of common tasks. One real life tester in particular caught our attention as he has both a Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X:

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X: real world usage test and opinion

A Reddit user and lucky owner of both the Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X has posted his impressions of first hand use of both the phones. The HTC device has been in his hands for one month, while the Samsung’s just one week. Both of the devices are the international versions and both come with quad core processors which should make it even. Here are his real world views.

The design of the Galaxy S3 is better than that of the HTC One X and when holding it in the hand it looks a lot better in real life than portrayed in photos online. It also feels better to hold than the HTC One X. One thing that lets the S3 down is the home button which is hard to press due to it being narrow.

The One X is faster to wake up at 0.5 seconds than the S3 at 1.5 seconds. While this may not seem like a huge concern when you put the phone to sleep many times in a day this is a big deal and is one of the main drawbacks of the Samsung Galaxy S3. On a positive note once you get through the lock screen the S3 feels snappier. This could be due to the CPU being faster or the interface.

The screen of the HTC One X is the better of the two as it is a lot sharper and much brighter in daylight. There seems to be very small colour cast on the S3 and whites show up whiter on the HTC One X than on the Galaxy S III.

The Touchwiz interface has large fonts and this wastes space. Text can be changed but the text is still bigger in such as settings menu and notifications. Smart Stay on the S3 doesn’t always work and the Touchwiz interface seems to be gimmicky. On the other hand the software menu is nice and the layout on the S3 is excellent. Connectivity and signal strength is better on the Samsung Galaxy S3 than it is on the One X. Battery life is also a little better on the Samsung Galaxy S3 than the HTC One X.

This is all the Reddit user has to say so far and mentions that more  comparisons will be kept up over the next week or so before the user chooses which of the phones to keep.

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