HTC One X+ vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Running Jelly Bean

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The HTC One X+ was put through its paces in a some benchmark tests by the folks over at SlashGear. The tests showed that HTC have polished up the One X, but as the Samsung Galaxy S3 now has Jelly Bean on it, a comparison between the two handsets is needed.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X+

The benchmark tests used were ones that Android users would know of. The Quadrant Standard tests the 3D graphics performance along with the CPU and I/O. SunSpider was used to test the browser, along with performance of JavaScript and Qualcomm’s Vellamo was used to test mobile web performance, HMTL 5, the CPU performance and AnTuTu which tests the RAM, GPU, CPU and I/O performance.

In Quadrant the HTC One X+ took a score of 6068, which was 800 points over the Samsung Galaxy S3, which managed 5207. The One X+ also took the lead with CPU and I/O, however the Samsung won in the categories of memory and 3D graphics. In Sunspider the HTC One X+ won when it scored 1082.2ms compared to the 1215.4ms, in this case the lower score wins. Neither of the handsets matched the iPhone 5 results, which came in at 914.7ms.

In the Vellamo tests these were mixed, in HTML the HTC One X+ came out the best with 1894 as opposed to the 1615 of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but in metal tests the S3 scored 558 compared to 491 of the HTC One X+.

In AnTuTu the HTC once again took over and scored a total of 12,945 and beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 in CPU, RAM and I/0. The S3 scored 12,082 overall and took the GPU category.

However tests do not tell the whole story and you cannot tell whether a device will lag when multi-tasking for instance. However they do provide us with an indication of the potential of a device. In this case both devices look evenly matched when running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. In the US, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is yet to get the update but it is believe to be round the corner.

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