HTC One X Soars Over Samsung Galaxy S3 After Getting Its Boost Of Jelly Bean

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Much has been said about HTC One X and its Jelly Bean update, which is bringing new features and more speed to the handset. Now it is put to the test in benchmarks.

Jelly Bean HTC One X tops Samsung Galaxy S3 in benchmarks after 4.1 Jelly Bean

The HTC One X international version contains one of the more powerful chips – the Tegra 3. It is incredibly fast, but sometimes it lags and animations aren’t as smooth as you’d hope. GforGames reckons this is because ICS wasn’t optimised for the HTC One X multiple cores, and so once Jelly Bean was on board, these lags became a thing of the past.

When you get Jelly Bean onto your HTC One X, you’ll be blown away, as it lets the phone’s strengths come out and strut their stuff. The blog said that a JB-run HTC One X beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 on recent benchmark tests. The S3 was on ICS, so once the S3 is on JB, it’ll likely outrun the One X, but it’d still be churlish to complain about a speed boost.

Obviously benchmark tests aren’t the last word on smartphones, but you will be very impressed by the step up in speed from ICS to JB on the HTC One X. It’s coming soon, and then you’ll forget all about ICS!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint and T-Mobile are getting Jelly Bean as well now, but it’s not clear if the dual-core S3 will get the same boost as the quad-core, as ICS does well on dual-core chips

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