HTC One X More Powerful Than Samsung Galaxy S3 Thanks To Jelly Bean Boost

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There’s been a lot of hype about the HTC One X and its Jelly Bean bump, which has sped up the handset and given it lots of new features. Let’s have a shuftie at the benchmarks.

Jelly Bean HTC One X faster than ICS Samsung Galaxy S3 show benchmarks

The international HTC One X has one of the most powerful chips available – the Tegra 3. It is really fast, but you may find that animations don’t work as well as you’d imagine, and you may see the odd lag. GforGames thinks this is because Ice Cream Sandwich wasn’t optimised for the extra cores in the Tegra. Once Jelly Bean got in on the act, the lag flew away.

Once Jelly Bean is on your HTC One X, you’ll love it, as it lets the phone showcase its strengths. GforGames said that a JB HTC One X beat the mighty dual-core Samsung Galaxy S3 on some benchmarks. The S3 was on ICS though, so a JB-run Samsung Galaxy S3 would probably get a speeed boost too, but whether Jelly Bean has as much of an effect on a dual-core device as it does on a quad-core one is unclear.

Benchmarks tests aren’t the be-all and end-all for smartphones, but you will love the new speeds on the HTC One X. You’ll be getting Jelly Bean very soon, and ICS will be consigned to the history books.

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