HTC One X Walks All Over Samsung Galaxy S3 After Getting Its Jelly Bean Treat

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There’s been a lot said about the HTC One X and Jelly Bean, especially as HTC has begun to roll Jelly Bean out. The update will bring new features to the One X, as well as a boost in speed.

Jelly Bean HTC One X beats Samsung Galaxy S3 on benchmarks after Jelly Bean update

The international version of the HTC One X has one of the market’s most powerful chips – the Tegra 3. It very fast indeed, but has the occasional lag, and sometimes animations aren’t as fast or smooth as you’d expect. GforGames thinks that this is because ICS wasn’t optimised for the quad-core phone, so once Jelly Bean was here, these lags became history.

Anyone getting Jelly Bean on their HTC One X will love the results – it does a great job on the One X, allowing its strengths to come to the fore and work to their full limits. The blog pointed out that a Jelly Bean HTC One X beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 on recent benchmark tests. Admittedly the Samsung Galaxy S3 was on ICS, so it’ll probably outrun the One X when it gets Jelly Bean. Still, you can’t complain about a speed boost, eh?

Benchmark tests aren’t the be-all and end-all of smartphones, but you have to be impressed by the step up from ICS to Jelly Bean on the HTC One X. You won’t have too much longer to wait, and you’ll love it long time. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint and T-Mobile are getting Jelly Bean now, however we are not sure if the dual-core S3 will get a similar boost as the quad-core as ICS may already be taking advantage of dual-core processors.

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