HTC One X Beats Samsung Galaxy S3 In Benchmarks Thanks To Jelly Bean

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Much has been said about Jelly Bean and the HTC One X lately, especially given that HTC has begun the rollout of the update. In addition to bringing new features to the phone, there is also a speed boost.

Jelly Bean HTC One X tops Samsung Galaxy S3 (ICS 4.0) on benchmarks

The international HTC One X has one of the most powerful chips on the market – the Tegra 3 CPU. It is fast, but there is the odd lag, and animations are sometimes not as smooth as they could be. GforGames reckons that this is because ICS wasn’t optimised for the One X. However once JB arrives, this will become a thing of the past.

Anyone who’s got Jelly Bean on their HTC One X will find the results amazing – Android 4.1 does a brilliant job on the One X and lets its good features shine through and work to its limits. In fact, a JB-running HTC One X outperforms the Samsung Galaxy S3 in a recent benchmark test reports the blog. This of course is compared to an S3 running Ice Cream Sandwich so it may be shortlived victory. Nevertheless a speed boost is a speed boost no matter what.

Obviously out in the real world though, benchmark test shouldn’t be the grounds by which you choose which smartphone to buy. Nevertheless you can’t fail to notice that there’s a huge step up from ICS to JB on the HTC One X. If you haven’t got JB on your One X yet, you won’t have long to wait, and you’ll love it.

Sprint versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are getting Jelly Bean already, and the other US carriers should be following suit soon so the race is on!


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