How HTC One X Is Better Than Samsung Galaxy S3

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One of the must have devices of this year so far is the Samsung Galaxy S3. Yet despite the fact that it is the most pre-ordered device, the HTC One X remains in contention. So just how does it manage this? Well it’s simple, it outclasses the Samsung Galaxy S3 depending on your point of view.

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3

When HTC released the One X it was the first ever handset from the company to have a quad core processor, while the S3 came along and did the same internationally. Both devices were released with the latest OS, Android 4.0 which put them on equal footing.

The One X is the better of the two devices on paper. One of the reasons is the 1.5GHz processor which is in contention with the 1.4GHz processor of the Samsung S3. Both devices come with 1GB of RAM, which means that the HTC One X is the clear winner… on paper. But if you look at this a different way then things change as benchmark tests showed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the latest quad core chip which gives it more power than the outdated one of the One X despite HTC’s higher clocked speeds. However to the average consumer, HTC has the higher numbers on the official specs sheet. Furthermore, it looks better than the S3 in terms of design.

They both offer users an 8 megapixel camera which includes such features as LED flash and autofocus. Both cameras are also capable of taking 1080p HD video. Samsung did not push their camera when trying to sell the Samsung Galaxy S3 whereas HTC did which led many to believe that the camera on the S3 remained the same as on the S2. HTC also bragged through their CEO about the camera on the HTC One X being better than the one on the iPhone 4S, showing off fancy new filters and an image processing chip to rival pocket digital cameras.

So it all depends on how you look at it. On the one hand it outclasses the Samsung Galaxy S3 in many ways such as looking better and boasting “higher specs”, but in real world testing, it isn’t that simple.

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