HTC One X+ vs Samsung Galaxy S3: HTC, Why U No Listen?!

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We need to see if the HTC One X+ can beat the Samsung Galaxy S3. We might have to wait a while, though, for the sales figures to come in. We can, however, pit the specs against each other.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 1.5GHz dual-core chip, while the HTC One X+ has the quad-core NVidia Tegra 3. Apparently, the One X+ is 67% faster than the One X.

The HTC One X+ has a 4.7” LCD screen with a 312ppi and a resolution of 1,280x720p. It offers realistic colours and does better in bright light. The Galaxy S3 has mega-real colours that can be a bit too much for some.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 weighs 4.7oz and is 5.38×2.78×0.3”, and the HTC One X+ is a shade heavier at 4.76oz and measures 5.28×2.75×0.35”.

The one X+ has 64GB of storage and 25GB of Dropbox, but there’s no SD. The Galaxy S3 has 64GB of storage and can take another 64GB from SD. With 2GB of RAM, the S3 has twice that of the One X+.

Both rear cameras are 8MP, but the Galaxy S3 nudges ahead with a 1.9MP front camera compared to the One X+ and its 1.6MP front camera.

Both phones have NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as 2,100mAh batteries. The GS3 started off on ICS and got bumped up to Jelly Bean, whereas the One X+ started off on Jelly Bean.

The Galaxy S3 has a bevy of amazing features, and is still as popular as it was last summer. You can’t complain about the HTC One X+ either, but it’s unlikely to knock the S3 off its perch.

The first HTC One X also has brilliant specs, but couldn’t achieve the popularity of the S3. This is because it had a fixed battery, no SD and wasn’t available on all major US carriers. The One X+ has gone and repeated the mistakes of its older sibling, while fixing a few things that weren’t even broken….d’oh!

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