HTC One X+ Specs Leaked, Better Than Samsung Galaxy S3… On Paper

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New details have been leaked about the HTC One X+, otherwise known as the HTC Era 42. HTCSource reports that new specs have been given and this may be an indication that the launch of the handset may be just around the corner.

HTC One X+ specs leaked, looks better than Samsung Galaxy S3 on paper

The HTC One X+ is thought to be almost the same size and the One X at 134.36 x 69.9 x 9.3 mm, meaning that it will be an extra 4mm in thickness. It will run on a 4 Plus 1 Nvidia Tegra 3 Plus AP37 1.6GHz quad core processor, along with a paired single core 1.7GHz and it will have 32GB of storage.

The display will be 1280 x 720 which showed up back in August in GLBenchmark scores and it comes with plenty of power under its design. The device will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and have the HTC Sense overlay 4.5. There was a rumor that it would be on T-Mobile under the G series but it is now thought that this will not happen. At the moment there is no indication of when the handset will be launched, but it could be revealed at the press event of HTC which has been set for 19th September.

Compared to the current Android king, the Samsung Galaxy S3, we can see that the HTC One X+ is no lightweight. The original One X managed to match the Samsung Galaxy S3 specs here in the US, so HTC may be hoping that their “Plus” model tips the scale. Here’s hoping it doesn’t have the shortcomings of the original One X like its lack of external storage support and non-removable battery.

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