HTC One X Far From Perfect (& HTC Knows It)

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AndroidCentral have released a statement by HTC recognising the Wi-Fi problems encountered by users of the HTC One X. They said the problem originated during production of the device, and they are currently working out the glitch so it is not present on future One X devices. Something they have not commented on is the number of affected devices.

HTC One X problems grow, WiFi issues is latest addition

Problems caused include the battery running out quickly and inability to connect to Wi-Fi networks. Owners of the device were able to test whether they were affected by pinching the rear of the phone, between the volume buttons and camera lens – then if the Wi-Fi signal dips in and out then the flaw is more than likely present. HTC have requested user feedback to understand the problem in order to fix it.

The problem they have identified lies with the antenna which is not connected effectively enough to the body of the phone. HTC One X owners can attempt to fix it themselves but it is an awkward and lengthy process involving a soldering iron and opening up the phone, and not recommended unless you are experienced in soldering. Electronista state this may also void the warranty on your hardware.

HTC have said that the problem is isolated so not to worry about further problems. If you own a faulty device, HTC have asked that you send in your device for fixing.

This problem has not been the first for the HTC One X, as it was previously held by the International Trade Commission at customs as they were concerned the phone did not comply with restrictions – however it was eventually released.

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