HTC One X Jelly Bean Update: Don’t Hold Your Breath

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The HTC One X hasn’t done as well as HTC might have liked. While there is no getting away from the fact that the design is superb, it hasn’t drawn the attention of the Samsung Galaxy S3. While HTC said that they are listening to what customers want, it appears they may not be telling the truth as they are not delivering the updates that customers want, when promised.

HTC One X Jelly Bean update may be a long way off

HTC gave deadlines for their older handsets to be updated with the ICS Android 4.0 update. However when the August deadline came around there was no sign of the said update and customers were left waiting.

So will customers likely upgrade their handset to the HTC One X which came out a few months back? HTC were the first among manufacturers to say that they would be offering the Jelly Bean update, but weeks after they announced this, there has still been no confirmation of when this update might arrive.

Samsung have revealed their schedule for the Jelly Bean update for a range of their devices when they released the Note 2. They said that the competitor to the HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be receiving the update very soon. There has also been leaks daily of updated builds of Jelly Bean, so customers know that the final version is not very far away. So one has to ask whether HTC are in fact getting closer to pushing the update out to the HTC One X or not? Apparently not as Gadgetsteria claims that it will be December before we see the update arrive on the HTC One X.

If HTC want to prove that they are the better choice they had better pull their socks up as after all actions speak louder than words and at the moment HTC are all talk and no action.

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