HTC One X Jelly Bean: How To Update Now [GUIDE]

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The HTC One X is one of the best Android devices out on the market right now and starting from later this month, it is expected to come with Jelly Bean preinstalled in many countries. However if you don’t want to wait for the OTA update you can go with a custom ROM.

If you update your HTC One X with a custom Jelly Bean ROM you will see an increase in speed among other things. With the custom ROM users are able to enjoy the stock Android experience, which means that there is no bloatware from manufacturers.

Jelly Bean brings many new features including a notification centre so that users can preview their text messages, emails and other information. It also brings Google Now. If you want to upgrade your HTC One X to Jelly Bean then you will void the warranty of your handset and of course if you upgrade this way there is the chance that something can go wrong. If you want to go ahead then you will need to follow the steps below and do so at your own risk. These steps should apply to most kinds of Jelly Bean ROMs out there for the HTC One X.

HTC One X: How to install a custom Jelly Bean ROM

  • Copy the AOKP ROM and put in on the internal SD card of your device
  • Extract the boot.img file from the ROM zip onto your computer
  • Extract to your computer
  • Copy boot.img to the Fastboot folder and you should have five files
  • Turn off the device
  • Boot into Bootloader mode by holding down power and volume down and then using your volume keys go into FastBoot mode and click the Power button to choose Fastboot mode
  • Connect your device to the computer using the microUSB to USB cable and the Bootloader screen should say Fastboot USB
  • Open up the command prompt and enter the location of the Fastboot folder
  • Types Fastboot device and hit the enter key and you should see the serial number of your phone. If this doesn’t show then make sure that you have installed the drivers
  • Flash the device by typing Fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • When the kernel has flashed you should see the message Okay at the command prompt and you can disconnect the handset from the computer
  • Select HBOOT on your device and head to the bootloader menu. Choose Recovery and your handset will boot into recovery mode. Then choose install Zip from SD card and then Choose Zip from SD card. Then select and the ROM will flash to the device
  • Wait for the installation to complete and then flash to your device in the same way that you did above. Head to the main menu of the Bootloader and choose Reboot system now. Your device should have the AOKP ROM on it.

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