HTC One X Jelly Bean Update Tipped For December Now

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HTC have not said that the update to Jelly Bean for their One X handset will come anytime soon, and it is thought that users may have to wait for it to come in December only reports MobileNApps.

HTC One X Jelly Bean update unlikely to come anytime soon

Updates for Android have always been a huge problem for Google. At the moment only 1% of handsets have Jelly Bean, while Gingerbread which was released in 2010 is on more than 50% of devices. In contrast iOS 6, which Apple just released, is available to users to download just one week following the announcement of the iPhone 5 and two months following the debut of OS Android 4.1. Apple reports that at this time, over 100 million iOS devices have updated to iOS 6.

Google of course do not have requirements for hardware and so this makes it harder for consistency across the platform. Apple on the other hand is the total opposite thanks to its ecosystem, which is closed and them being the only developer to build the handsets it runs.

At the moment there is also no news about the mid-range handset One S or the HTC One V, which is in the low end. The HTC One X is being updated; however it is though that thanks to weaker hardware the two “One” series handsets may end up being passed over judging by how HTC has handled updated with their past devices.

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