AT&T HTC One X Jelly Bean Update: Envious Much?

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It can take carriers some time before they launch a newer version of Android and this has left some owners of some handsets waiting for many months to get their hands on the latest update. In the past the HTC One X on AT&T has been late to get updates and this has caused some frustration for owners of the handsets who have been left waiting for Jelly Bean.

The update did come out in October of last year and very slowly it has been making its way to the carriers. In the US AT&T have not said anything about when owners of the HTC One X will get it.

Over in Canada TELUS and Three in the UK have joined in with other carriers in getting the Jelly Bean update out to owners of the HTC One X. This means that owners of the device with AT&T have been left wondering when they might get the update.

Over at the forum of AT&T a thread has been going around and it is clear that some of the owners of the device are taking out frustration on the company, thanks to the fact that they have given out different dates for the release of the Jelly Bean update.

One of the most annoying things has been that the representatives have been saying that the update is coming soon, which usually means that they have no idea when. Due to this fact some people, whose contracts are coming to an end, are going to leave the carrier.

AT&T must have the update and be testing it along with including their own branding, but what is taking them so long to get it out. Let’s just hope that the update will not be much longer in coming their way.

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