HTC One X Jelly Bean Update: A Lost Cause?

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The HTC One X may be a looker but it has not been the best-selling device that HTC would have liked it to be. This may partly be due to the Samsung Galaxy S3 hitting the shelves. While HTC say that they are listening to what the public wants, it seems pleas for the update to Jelly Bean may have fallen on deaf ears.

No signs of HTC One X Jelly Bean update

HTC had given out dates for some of their older devices to get updated to Ice Cream Sandwich in August. However we are now at the end of September and the update was still nowhere to be seen. This means that many have been left holding onto devices that are running Gingerbread. This of course doesn’t look good for devices like the HTC One X who already are on Ice Cream Sandwich and were expecting another step up soon.

Furthermore, will those who have older HTC handsets choose to go out and get the HTC One X now? Bear in mind that HTC were the first to promise people that they would get the update to Jelly Bean. However, many weeks later and there is no follow up or signs of it. There is not even an estimate as to when it may arrive. And these may be all the reasons why the HTC One X is failing to sell well despite thinking they have the backing of their legion of fans.

Samsung who possibly have one of the worst track records when it comes to delivering Android updates have already gone ahead and announced the update schedule for Jelly Bean. They did this when they announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The Samsung Galaxy S3, which happens to be one of the biggest rivals to the One X, is already getting the update in some countries over in Europe.

So is HTC any closer to getting out the Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X? Maybe the device will be just another disappointment, the same as other devices from HTC, which have missed the deadline for the update. We’re now pushing our estimation to around Christmas. If you don’t see the Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X by then you may want to stop waiting.

For a company that wants to look as though they are credible rivals to Samsung and who want to match the Samsung Galaxy S3, they are not doing a very good job at it. Of course now that Apple have released their iPhone 5, HTC have a lot of work to do and may want to honor their promise. It will be interesting to see if the rumored HTC One X+ manages to sell anywhere as well as the current One X now that HTC’s popularity has declined even further.

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