HTC One X Jelly Bean Update: Hello, Anyone There?

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Despite its stunning design, the HTC One X hasn’t been the great seller the company hoped for, especially not while the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been doing the rounds. HTC claims it’s listening to its public, but it’s still not giving them the updates they’re asking for on time.

HTC One X Jelly Bean update may be a long way off

The company announced deadlines for older handsets to get Ice Cream Sandwich, but the August deadline came and went, leaving many handsets which were promised still stranded on Gingerbread.

So, will owners of older HTC phones upgrade to the HTC One X? HTC was the first company to promise the Jelly Bean update, but several weeks later, there’s no date – even a rough estimate – for when it will get to people.

Samsung, on the other hand, announced its JB update schedule for a number of phones when it unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It made a point of saying that the Samsung Galaxy S3, the One X’s main rival, would be getting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean soon. There have been almost daily leaks of new builds and tweaks to JB for the Samsung Galaxy S3, so the definitive version is very close. Heck we even saw it at IFA in the Vodafone booth where an amber brown Samsung Galaxy S3 was caught running 4.1. With this in mind, we have to ask if HTC is any closer to getting the update out to the One X or is it just a disappointment like we’ve seen with their other devices which missed their ICS deadlines. Gadgetsteria claims not, saying that it’ll probably be approaching Christmas by the time Jelly Bean hits the HTC One X.

This isn’t looking good for HTC, and if the company wants to look like a credible rival to the Samsung Galaxy S3 – and of course the iPhone 5 – then it had better get busy with that update and fulfill its promise.

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