HTC One X More Powerful Than Galaxy S3 After 4.1 Booster

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A lot of attention has been paid to the HTC One X and Jelly Bean in the past few months. The HTC One X+ has Jelly Bean out of the box and the update for the original device is said to be on its way, with some users already having received it.

HTC One X with Jelly Bean beats Samsung Galaxy S3 (ICS) in benchmarks

The international version of the HTC One X has a very powerful processor, the Tegra 3. However while it is fast, the device could be smoother as there is some lag that we pointed out in our review a couple months back. This is due to the fact that ICS wasn’t optimised to be used on the handset claims GForGames. However when it gets the Jelly Bean update, this won’t be an issue.

Some users who have Jelly Bean already on their HTC One X have put it through benchmark tests and were very surprised at the results. In tests the HTC One X beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 (still on ICS). This is believed to have to do with the advantages of Jelly Bean on quad-core devices.

However benchmarks don’t really mean all that much in everyday life. But on saying this you cannot deny that there is a huge difference. If you are still waiting for the update, it is worth the wait and you should be able to get your hands on it any day.

Those with the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint have already got Jelly Bean and it is thought that other US carriers will have it soon.

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