HTC One X Still Best, Followed By iPhone 5 & S3 In Last Place (Buyer Satisfaction Survey)

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The Apple iPhone 5 is the device that pleases smart phone owners and is ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S3 according to results of a new survey, however figures have suggested that the HTC One X is ahead of both of these devices.

A recent study was undertaken between 52,140 people in the UK between July 2012 and January of 2013. These smart phone owners were asked how pleased they were with their handsets out of a scale of 1 to 10.

The Apple iPhone 5 came out with a score of 8.21 out of 10, which made it slightly more popular than the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a score of 8.09.

The figures are of course close and this gives a big hint that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are very pleased with their choice of handset.  The high number of responses shows that the two 0.12 difference is significant.

The HTC One X does blow both of these handsets clean out of the water as it scored 8.47.

This is surprising as when we reviewed the handset the HTC One X did not impress us as much as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and when it was released it did have issues with reports of the screen flex, which was dodgy.

This didn’t stop people from buying it as results show us that those buying the handset are happy with their mobile phone and more so than people who have purchased rival phones.

There was a similar poll undertaken over in the US of 93, 825 people and this showed that the Apple iPhone 5 comes behind four of the 4G Android devices which leads us to think that 4G is going to be popular in the UK once our networks catch up.

So how satisfied are you with your phone?

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