Say Hello To HTC One X5, “Hellboy” Of The Android World [PICS]

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It’s big, red and menacing looking. We’ve only seen blurry images of this mystery Android device up until now. However it looks like this gargantuan Android 1080p HTC phablet is finally ready to be revealed, as press images have already leaked of the device.

HTC One X5 press images supposedly leaked: Android phablet

According to HTCSource, we have already found out most of the specs of the new 5 inch device from HTC and there has recently been what was said to be a press shot of the handset posted which gives us the name HTC One X5.

A source did say that the handset would be heading to Verizon under the Droid umbrella and be called the HTC Droid Incredible X. So the HTC One X5 doesn’t seem so far fetched.

It is thought that the 5 inch display will be 1080p and the handset will be run by the Snapdragon S4 processor. 1.5GB of RAM has been suggested along with 16GB of storage internally. The battery is non-removable thanks to the unibody design.

HTC One X5

HTC One X5

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