[PICS] HTC Desire X Leaked, A “Sexier” One X

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The HTC Pronto will have another name very soon; it will go by the title of the HTC Desire X reports CNET. This news comes from a handful of retailers online who have put placeholder web pages up in anticipation of the device.

HTC Proto / HTC Desire X to join HTC One X this year after all

The Swedish website Technytt was the first to spot the listing of three sites in Sweden and one in Norway. The HTC Desire X should have the same specs as the One X but it will have a new look, at least if the leaked photos are anything to go by.

It should be released with Android 4.0 ICS, maybe even Jelly Bean, and it has a 5 megapixel camera with a lot of added software tweaks (the One X has an 8MP shooter but as we’ve explained in the past, megapixels aren’t everything).

It will run on a Snapdragon S4 dual core processor and it will have the Sense 4 overlay of HTC. It is also thought that it will come with HTC Beats audio too.

Sleek new HTC Desire X body

Sleek new HTC Desire X body

The One V came out last February at the Mobile World Congress and it is thought that HTC will release the Desire X handset in Europe. It is expected to be launched in Berlin at the IFA conference which is set start later this week.

While we do like the design of the HTC Proto a.k.a Desire X, it will unlikely be able to take the throne away from the One X just on its looks.

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