HTC One X Update Fixes One Of The Biggest Complaints Ever

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Who would have thought the button placement on the HTC One X could cause so much fuss. Well according to AnandTech, the HTC One X uses back, home and task switcher capacitive buttons which are shown underneath the display, which meet the guidance of the official Android platform and deprecates the menu button.

HTC One X update changes button functions

Now official platform direction may be one thing, but the fact is that a lot of the Android applications do not use the action bar, for legacy reasons they use the menu button. Due to this HTC have a black action overflow bar along with the menu button in many of their applications. This means that the user interface has the same amount of pixels lost when rendering buttons on screen.

From 2nd August, AT&T started sending out updates to boost the Android platform from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4. Other changes saw connectivity to Wi-Fi improved and better stability. This update gives users a new tab in their settings which allows them to change the function of their task switcher button. This means they have the option of having the button acting like a menu button and a long press on it will activate the switcher. This does away with the menu button that was misaligned. The update remedies what has to be one of the biggest complaints from users.

New features include additional NFC capabilities, content choices in HTC Hub and access to 3rd party music apps in the car application.


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