HTC One: Is It A Little Too Late To The Party?

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According to Droid-Life, the Nexus One was their introduction to Android and since then they have owned three HTC devices along with reviewing many others, some of which were great and others not as good. However since the HTC One X they have been fans of HTC.

The One device sounds superb and it seems that HTC have taken bold steps to make sure that people stand up and notice the handset. However the risks taken by HTC are very risky as they will have to make consumers think that they only need a 4 megapixel camera. They will also have to persuade them about the home screens, which are Flipboard crossed with Windows Live Tiles. However, HTC could have left it a little late in the game as they will have to get people away from Samsung and Apple. They should have released the handset a year ago.

Back in late February of last year the Samsung Galaxy S3 hadn’t been revealed by Samsung and HTC were about to reveal the original One series of handsets at MWC. The One series has been billed the comeback for the company. The device came with a more streamlined Sense which was less bloated, the camera was superb and the sound was too. But which device are we talking about here? It’s easy to forget as they both sound the same.

Thanks to Samsung, HTC were heading towards their market shares dropping and the One series of devices was the chance of HTC to bring down Samsung, just a peg or two, by doing something very different. The One X does happen to be the best looking device from HTC, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 was the faster device and it came with lots more features and functionality. While the One X was competitive, it wasn’t innovative and it wasn’t a game changer. Of course due to this it was a flop.

In fact the whole of the series of One devices did and HTC were in trouble as their shares in the market continued to drop around the world. The CEO of HTC blamed this on bad marketing and it could have been a big part of it. HTC had virtually no marketing in the US, they left this to the carriers.

HTC allowed the One series of devices to speak for themselves and this was a huge mistake thanks to the Samsung commercials, print ads, billboards and the media attention for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung managed to reach a milestone that no other OEM of Android had ever done before. They reached recognition in the mainstream. One of the most wanted devices, that is not an iPhone, is the Samsung Galaxy S4.

comScore have said that HTC have done down 10.2% in the market in the US during the last quarter of 2012. This is a number that has been falling every quarter over the past year. Chitika meanwhile put them at just 5% of all mobile web traffic. The figures from IDC put HTC below companies such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE and Sony, when it came to sales. This meant they accounted for 4.3% of all devices sold.

The amount of phone shares on the market has shrunk and now there is an even smaller slice for other OEMs to battle over as Apple and Samsung get more and more sales. HTC doesn’t have a marketing budget to match the two giants.

The trend is also not expected to change anytime soon and the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be one of the most popular devices, when it is released. The next generation iPhone won’t be a failure either. The Nexus from Google will gain traction and there is Sony and LG both pushing ahead to gain their place in the world of smartphones.

These are all players that could afford to lose before going on to win, however HTC do not have this luxury. HTC has to come out top now, otherwise they will be in the category known as others in the charts.

This doesn’t mean that HTC don’t stand a chance with the HTC One. The device could be successful, if the marketing is right. HTC are certainly the underdogs, however they did make it clear that there is more to success than building a superb product. Building a great product is needed but also telling people about that product and why they might want to buy it. They also have to get it onto the shelves at the right time.

HTC are releasing the One before Samsung bring out the Samsung Galaxy S4 and they are releasing it with more carriers than they have in the past. They have also made it clear that marketing is a top priority. This means that they do have all the pieces in place and the HTC One could be a great device. It does have a design that is intriguing and it does have innovation. However there is no getting away from the fact that HTC should have revealed the device last year, before the Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched on the world.

The problem HTC are faced with is not getting people to like the ultrapixel camera of the dual speakers on the front. While these might be great, they won’t work unless you can convince people they need them. The chances of HTC being successful are decreasing with each quarter that passes, but it seems their CEO is a betting man.

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