HTC One: Shipping Times Cut Down But Price Raised

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The HTC One is a superb device and it looks great, plus it has the feel of a premium handset. The problem with it is getting it out to customers. Now we hear that the device has a price over in India, but those wanting the handset will have to wait patiently for it.

Yesterday HTC said that they have been having issues in getting suppliers to get parts to them and that they are favouring other companies over them. This could be down to the fact that HTC reduced their orders last year when sales began to drop off. said that they have the HTC One and that it comes with a price tag of Rs. 49,990. This works out at $850. Those who can afford the price tag will have a wait on their hands of 30 days. The handset comes with 32GB and it is available in the silver finish.

However considering that there have been delays on the device it is debatable whether or not they orders could be stuck to. The HTC One has a display of 4.7 inches, which is full HD. The handset has the Snapdragon 600 processor and this was clocked at 1.7GHz. It also comes with the Adreno 320 GPU.

The handset has 2GB of RAM and it comes with the Ultrapixel camera. It is the camera that is thought to be the problem behind the delays. When the handset does arrive it should be very popular.

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