HTC One Ships Next Month But Price Is What Sucks

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There were numerous delays in regards to the HTC One after news came out that due to poor past sales, HTC had reduced the number of orders to suppliers for the device.

Well there is some good news today. Prominent online retailer is shipping the HTC One in 30 days from order date. So if you place an order today, you will get the HTC One inside of next month.

Reddif is only stocking the 32GB HTC One and it is available in silver only at the moment. We are guessing that the other colors aren’t available with 30 days shipping just yet.

However what is really troublesome is the price tag. The retailer has put the HTC One price at Rs 49,990. This is a whopping US$920. And this doesn’t include shipping of course which is another Rs99 for domestic shipping. Worldwide depends on your location.

So will you be willing to pay this much for the HTC One?

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