HTC One: US Pre-Orders Go Through The Roof!

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It seems like 2013 could be the year when HTC starts to to pick up, which is a great thing for Android fans as they would have another handset to consider other than the Galaxy range. Now we hear that early HTC One pre-orders have shot through the roof and this could be an excellent sign for the handset in the future.

A lot of people have been impressed with the HTC One ever since it was unveiled, and while HTC has been said to have been faced with problems getting enough components for the camera module, it does look as though this is improving.

Jason Mackenzie from HTC said that the initial response to the handset in the US has been really good, and that several hundred thousand people have already pre-registered for the device. This is the best early response that HTC have had for a device.

He did apologize for the delay in the release of the handset in the US but he said that the device would be worth waiting for, and that production was expected to increase over the next months. This seems to be great news for HTC as they look set to rival Samsung.

Along with the Sony Xperia Z fans of Android will have a tough choice when looking for a new phone and more so if they are not concerned about brand loyalty.

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