HTC One: Great But Will Anyone Notice?

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The HTC One may be a very sexy looking handset but it could fail if HTC don’t shake things up.

The design, along with software team did an excellent job in creating a device that has a unique premium look. They took the metal design of Apple and they took it to the next step.

However the One family of devices from HTC were met with criticism last year and their revenue and profits were affected. HTC does have history of some products that are worthy of talking about and these go back to the first Android devices, the G1 and the first 4G device, the Evo 4G. However they have shown a tendency to be ignored in the smartphone world.

The phone business has been a key dilemma for HTC as they have not had the marketing that rivals such as Samsung and Apple have. 2013 is a critical year for HTC and they need to prove that they are able to compete in the market and having a device with good looks is not enough.

Current Analysis said “HTC is going up against two of the biggest spenders in the world with intensely loyal followings.”

This means they will have to do something that they haven’t done before. They will need to be more proactive when it comes to marketing; this is something that they have approached half-heartedly in the past. They will also have to work harder when it comes to developing the brand name for the One along with the HTC name. Apple and Samsung are names known in households around the world. Just a few years ago HTC were heading this way, however they did get lost along with way.

The company has to do away with relying on carriers for support. Apple, along with Samsung have gone past carrier exclusives and customising handsets and this is something that HTC must also do.

They do seem to have got back in the right path as they plan on doubling the global marketing budget that they had last year. They are going on a new campaign and they have plans to be the second or third biggest advertiser in the industry in the period of launch.

However they do have limits when it comes to marketing resources and are stacked against their rivals. It is thought that they may target those who are tech savvy of ages 18 to 34, by way of social media and digital advertising. They plan of running their promotions for the handset with music events, which will be organised with the help of the Beats partnership.

Executives at HTC know that in the past they did rely too much on carriers and they have said that they will be taking a direct role. Advertising would generate awareness before the consumer went to the store to buy. This means they are not totally relaying in salespeople.

HTC are getting support from BestBuy, which will be one of the distributors, along with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile in the US.

BestBuy will be running commercials nationally, which will feature the HTC One. Alistair Jones who is the head of marketing for the retail chain said that BestBuy were using more resources for HTC than they had in 18 months.

The HTC One is also to be a prominent feature in stores too, where the device will be displayed in one of the end cap areas, which are the most coveted and where only the best are on display.

Jones said that he had been worried about products from HTC in the past years, however he was very excited about the HTC One.

He went on to say that he thought that it was a serious contender to the market place.

The attempts of HTC could be for nothing though as while they have got the device out before the MWC, HTC have to be prepared for the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which could here in less than one month, just days before the HTC One is on the shelves.

HTC have made a better start than they did last year, they are offering the handset with more carriers. The design is also a great feature and the UI does set it apart from other Android handsets on the market.

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