HTC One M10 vs One A9: Which Is the Best for You?

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The HTC One M10 is going up against the One A9 and both are great devices, but which of the two is the best for you?

One thing that HTC do know is making phones that come with a premium look. The HTC One M10 and the One A9 are two devices that come with metal designs. The M10 comes with the more chiselled look and the One A9 has a look that is very much like the iPhone.

The One A9 and the HTC One M10 both are the same size. The HTC One M10 is 18 grams heavier and both handsets offer the Snapdragon processor along with 32GB of memory and they can be expanded thanks to SD card.

Both handsets come with cameras that are very much alike but the HTC One M10 offers a camera that is better. It comes with BoomSound HiFi and both devices offer GPS, WiFi, microUSB and NFC.

But which is the best handset for you, the HTC One M10 or the One A9?