HTC One M10: Try To Break It If You Can

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We have heard a lot about the HTC One M10 and one of the things that we have heard about it is that it may be very difficult to break.

The HTC One M10 is said to be almost unbreakable. JerryRigEverything from YouTube did some durability testing and the tests that he did were very extreme.

One of the things in the test was putting the HTC One M10 through a flame test. The back of the device was also scratched as was the camera and much more. The same tests were made on the M9 that came out last year and the tests didn’t come out well.

The HTC One M10 is going to be hard to break. Scratches were first made on the Gorilla Glass 4 display and the camera, which also has the same protection.

When the HTC One M10 was scratched on the back using a key, the scratches were rubbed and then they disappeared magically.

If you can bear it you can check the abuse given to the HTC One M10 in the video below.

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