HTC One M10: Really Shady & Should Be Frowned Upon

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The HTC One M10 is something of a shady character as it hides the monthly security patch level. Some people thought that it was missing, but it’s not, it’s just hidden away and HTC should be ashamed of themselves as updates and security should be easily accessible to those who own the phone.

Along with this users are worried that the HTC One M10 may hide the screen on time statistics in the battery details. This was seen on other handsets and it was HTCs was of dealing with criticism about the poor battery life of devices. This began with the HTC One X, which was said to have very poor battery life.

So the security patch issue in relation to the HTC One M10 does have a lot of people wound up. However the chance of something happening without the patch is very low. Of course it is better to be safe rather than sorry, but it is there, it just isn’t made very transparent as it’s hidden.

Does this put you off purchasing the HTC One M10 or any other HTC handset?

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