HTC One M10: Move On Nothing To See Here

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Two phone makers that have pulled out all the stops are LG and Samsung. Now there is another contender on the market and it looks as though HTC are coming into the fight for the best device. But is it a case of doing well with the HTC One M10 or should consumers move on as there is nothing to see here?

HTC revealed the HTC One M10 this year but it does look as though there isn’t going to be anything too special about the handset.

HTC launched some teasers about the HTC One M10 and they did say that the handset would be coming with a camera on the front and the back that is world class.

There has been talk that the HTC One M10 may offer up a camera of 360 degrees and it may have dual optical image stabilisation sensors. However, for the time being this is nothing but speculation and we are only going to know when the handset has been released.

The HTC One M10 is going to come our way on 19 April, are you waiting for yours?

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