HTC One M10 Is A Shady Device That Has People Frowning

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The HTC One M10 has been said to be something of a shady device. This is down to the fact that the monthly security patch level has been hidden. People thought that perhaps it was missing, however it is there, it is just hidden away. HTC ought to be ashamed in doing this as the security patches and updates should be able to be easy to access by owners.

Owners have also been worrying that the HTC One M10 could be hiding the time on statistics for the display in the details about the battery. This is due to the fact that it happened on other handsets, with one being the HTC One X, after it was said that the device had poor battery life.

However, don’t worry about the security patch update on the HTC One M10 as it is there, it is just hidden.

Do you have the HTC One M10 and are you worried that the handset hides the security patch information?

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