HTC One M10 Gets Frowns For Being Shady

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The HTC One M10 has been frowned upon as it is a rather shady character due to the fact that the handset is hiding the monthly security patch level. Many people thought that it didn’t have it on the handset but it does, its hidden though. HTC should perhaps be frowned upon due to the fact that updates and security on their phones should be made more transparent.

Some owners have said that they are worried that HTC may have hidden the screen on time stats in the battery details of the HTC One M10. We have seen this with other devices from HTC. The reason this may have been done is that the battery life on devices have been said to be poor. The HTC One X started this off as the handset was said to have a battery life that was very poor.

The security patch on the HTC One M10 has got people talking but bear in mind that the chance of something occurring without having the patch is low. Owners will want to be safe however and they should have peace of mind that the patch is there, it is just hidden away.

But would this stop you from buying the HTC One M10?