HTC One M10 Frowned On Due To It Being Shady

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The HTC One M10 is attracting a lot of frowns due to the fact that it has been called shady as it hides the monthly security patch level. Some people thought that that it was missing, but it is there, it’s just hidden. HTC are frowned upon due to this as they should ensure that updates along with security are more transparent.

Owners have said that perhaps HTC hide the screen on time stats too for the battery details. This was down to the fact that it has happened on other devices. One reason they may have done this is that the battery life on devices may not be as good as they should. This was evident with the HTC One X.

The security patch for the HTC One M10 did get a lot of people talking but it shouldn’t be too big a deal as the chances of something being amiss without the patch is relatively low. The patch is there but its hidden so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

But has the shady dealings of HTC put you off from purchasing the HTC One M10?