HTC One M10: Failure Is Actually An Option

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HTC has been having quite a patchy journey as of late, but they are going to get their upcoming One M10 ‘Perfume’ as a comeback to turn things around so that they can take on Android. But just how much of likelihood is there for the company to not meet another failure again?

As we know, the HTC One M9 didn’t turn out the way the company had expected, and even the embarrassed CEO admitted to this too. It’s still rated with at least three stars on most notable websites, but they are still regarded as considerably failing in comparison to the likes of other brands. So, would the HTC One M10 be following the footsteps of its predecessor, or will it not?

For the company to actually turn over a new leaf, the upcoming ‘Perfume’ must really be extraordinary to be a big hit, but apparently, HTC wouldn’t really mind if it doesn’t. That’s been confirmed by the CEO himself, as they could always work on something else. They are currently in the works of producing middle range devices, and also virtual reality devices such as HTC Vive.

Since everyone’s paying attention to the HTC One M10, it’ll be nice to know if it could become a game changer. Are you looking forward to the upcoming flagship?

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