HTC One M10: Break It If You Can

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There are many great things to be said about the HTC One M10 and one of them is the fact that the handset is very hard to break. That’s right, break it if you can, we dare you to try.

The unbreakable HTC One M10 was revealed to us by JerryRigEverything on YouTube and he did some durability tests on the device that were extreme to say the least.

Among other things he bent the HTC One M10, put it through a flame test, and scratched the back of the display, the camera and a whole lot more. He did the same with the M9 last year when it came out and that device didn’t come out very well.

The HTC One M10 however proved to be a device that is very hard to break. He first had a go at making scratches on the Gorilla Glass 4 protected display. Then he tried doing the same with the camera, which is also protected.

What was very interesting about the HTC One M10 is that he scratched the back of the device with a key and then rubbed it and the scratches disappeared like magic.

Check out the video below to see how well the HTC One M10 stands up to abuse.

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