HTC Nexus X Tipped, Will Overshadows Rivals… Literally

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The new Nexus handset could very well be from HTC in the form of a 5 inch device. This could mean it would be the first shot that Google have at the Note 2, as it would put it in the phablet category.

HTC Nexus X a.k.a DROID Incredible X tipped

GSMArena said that the HTC handset could be sold as the Nexus 5 or Nexus X. It may also come to Verizon as the HTC Droid Incredible X with a touch of HTC Sense adds the tech blog.

The source wanted to remain anonymous but said that the handset would come with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. This would mean that the handset would not suffer from bugs of the previous Android but would have all the improvements, such as Project Butter.

We have not heard about any of this before, however it would make a great deal of sense for Google to reveal a new Nexus device that comes with the Jelly Bean pre-installed and possibly a larger display given the current trend in smartphones. The new Nexus will come with a 5 inch display which offers 1080p and it is thought that it will run on the Snapdragon S4 processor. The camera is thought to be 12 megapixels on the back and the front camera will be 2 megapixels. It is also thought to have support for 4G LTE, have 64Gb of storage and a battery of 2500mAh.

There are many rumors about the handset and so it is thought that we might expect an announcement from Google soon. Last year Google revealed the Nexus in the middle of October, so we could see the new device around the same time. HTC of course aren’t new to to the Nexus brand and back in 2009 had released the Google Nexus One.

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